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The Time has Arrived for Magnesium

Light | Strong | Durable | Versatile | Green

Galaxy Magnesium is the world’s premiere direct source of magnesium, revolutionizing  entire industries with light, strong, versatile, durable and green magnesium – superior in  many ways to steel or aluminum alloys.  

An international company based in the United States, Galaxy is streamlining global  supply chains, offering custom alloys for unparalleled performance and delivering Galaxy  Finance — all-inclusive pricing, direct from the most productive mines in the world, and  real-time commodity trading.  

From automotive, aerospace, energy and construction to pharmaceuticals, Galaxy  Magnesium is paving the way to a lightweight future through reasonable, stable cost,  guaranteed quality commercial magnesium.  

With offices in New York, Atlanta, Geneva, Honolulu, Yulin, Xi’an, Beijing and Shanghai,  Galaxy is well positioned to responsively serve global markets.  

Download PDF: Galaxy Industry Descriptions


Michael North

Chairman of the Board

Michael North is an experienced entrepreneur and private investor, with extensive relationships across China, the US and Europe. Michael works with investment banking professionals to identify, research, assist in corporate development, and provide capital to sound, growing businesses. He has managed large enterprise software projects, manufacturing operations, secure network management projects, and international trade for both private and public sector clients.

Dong Yuming

Chief Executive Officer

Dong Yuming is a business leader and executive, with deep experience in engineering, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and materials science. He is also an academic and lecturer, with many resources in China’s top academic institutions. Based in Xi’an, the ancient capital of China, he has access to the best minds and the most sophisticated import-export infrastructure in modern China.

Xiaofang Zhou North


Xiaofang Zhou North is a seasoned business manager, who has developed complex financial services, international investment and trade projects in both China and the United States. She is president of Asia-Pacific Group in China, and established the company’s first full-time office in Beijing in 2016.

Ding Xiaoyun

co-Chief Financial Officer

Ding Xiaoyun is a highly qualified financial manager, with full expertise in accounting and financial planning, to professional Chinese standards.
He graduated from Xidian University in Xi’an with a bachelor degree, and trained as an IPA-certified senior accountant and engineer. He served in the Yulin Post and Telecommunications Bureau as capital assets manager, helping to implement fully-computerized accounting.

Roger Epstein

co-Chief Financial Officer, Chief International Counsel, Board Member

Mr. Epstein practiced law with Cades Schutte, the largest law firm in the State of Hawaii from 1972-2016, and was the chair of its Tax Department since 1985, arguing cases at the State and Federal level, and the US Supreme Court. He has been a leader in legal connections between the US and China since the early 1980s.

Liu Yichen

Member of the Board

Liu Yichen is a young executive with outstanding communications skills in both Chinese and English. She exercises those skills fully in a challenging international setting, as Operations Director for the Europe-China Institute for Education and Culture, and General Manager of Shenzhen Zhihuishangquan Technology.

Daniel Abens

President, Galaxy Power

Dan Abens' executive positions include several years with Eastman Kodak as Chief Marketing Office of Entertainment Imaging, working with Disney and Universal Studios and other point-of-sale destinations worldwide, with North Communications (Vice President Business Development), Digital Biometrics (New Business Development for Gaming Industry) Canadian Submarine Technologies (Vice President Marketing),the Circuit Court of Chicago Cook County  (Director of Financial Control and Budget).

Nicholas S. Bingham

Vice President, International Operations

Nicholas Bingham has a wealth of experience in international business affairs, with a primary focus on Europe, Middle East and the Americas. Mr. Bingham has raised capital for emerging markets on the global stage. He is a skilled technical and business conference producer, and an experienced commodity and forex trader. Mr. Bingham heads Galaxy’s office in Geneva, where he is leading the establishment of Galaxy Guarantee and Galaxy Exchange.

Greg Gershuny

Executive Director, International Metal Sales

Greg Gershuny specializes in open international commodities trading -- aluminum, magnesium, and other non-ferrous metals. With major mining companies such as Rio Tinto, Greg has built a reputation for precise placement and responsive delivery of large quantities of metals at fair contract prices. Greg now turns to magnesium, and says, “Magnesium is a promising new metal market on the global commodity stage and offers many untapped advantages over aluminum to the industrial consumer."

Matt Lorin

Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Matt Lorin is an accomplished executive, policymaker and business leader. He has more than three decades of global, national and local experience in international diplomacy and business development. Matt served in the Office of the President of the United States as Director on the National Security Council (NSC). Following his tenure at the White House, he was a senior consultant with the US Department of State, for the US Mission to the United Nations, and worked with the UN Office of Project Services (UNOPS).

Daniel Roubeni

Vice President, International Market Development

Daniel Roubeni has a lifetime of experience in international trade, with a primary focus on Europe and China. A partner of The Roubeni Company in Hamburg, Germany, he advanced trade and relations between Chinese and German industries. The pioneering roots of the organization dating as far back as the early 1960s.

David Catzel

Advisor, United States Market Development

David Catzel is an experienced business development and strategic investment executive, active in business innovation, developing new user paradigms and driving technology innovations around software and hardware technology, media production, smart cities and 5G, big data and analytics, , image and streaming media recognition, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity fields for more than 30 years.

Ma Mengjia

Director of Special Projects, International Trade Representative

Ma Mengjia is a materials engineer, project manager, and marketing communications executive. She holds advanced technical degrees, has received several patents, worked in China and internationally, and organizes large, complex, influential public events.

Arthur Lipper

Advisor, Royalties Finance

Arthur Lipper is a leading innovator in the field of financial services, with more than five decades of experience in world financial markets. Through the Lipper Index, and the international Lipper Fund Performance Awards, he pioneered breakthroughs in the fields of mutual fund analysis, stock index futures and mutual funds.