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Magnesium in motion, everywhere

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Galaxy Motion

Galaxy Motion is beginning to transform the transportation industry through the use of lightweight,  high-strength, flexible, durable, energy-efficient magnesium. Magnesium is light and has a low melting  point, so it takes less energy to refine, to move around as part of a vehicle component, and to recycle. It  is the green choice for industrial metals. 

Galaxy Motion works closely with automotive industry leaders, including Panoz Engineering,  Deltawing, and SRO Motorsports America. Our development of magnesium-optimized vehicles for use in competitive auto racing showcases how magnesium can meet the toughest  engineering and performance requirements, with no compromise in safety.

Together with Panoz,  Galaxy Motion has sponsored several highly successful SRO World Challenge GT4 races (at Road  America near Milwaukee, at Course of the Americas in Austin, and at Indianapolis Motor Speedway),  where Panoz vehicles competed at the highest levels with the best vehicles and drivers in the world and won several first- and second-place races. 

The Galaxy Motion team, led by president Dan Panoz, provides decades of design and engineering  expertise, through large, diversified technical facilities and talented resources centered in Atlanta.

Panoz  is an experienced automotive development firm with decades of expertise — a complete automotive  design, testing, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing operation.

Dan is a legend in the  automotive industry; he led the effort to adopt aluminum in cars, starting in the late 1990’s. Now he  has turned his talent to establishing magnesium as the standard for lightweighting: replacing energy-intensive, heavier steel and aluminum alloys from which most vehicles are constructed today.  

The resulting projected total weight savings: 20-30%, depending on the type of vehicle and its current  metal mix. 

Galaxy Motion works across the automotive industry as a supplier of basic magnesium commodities, as  well as in original alloy design, testing, specification and supply. This begins with pure magnesium,  graduating to standard alloys, then to custom alloys for high-performance options. Galaxy Motion  designs and fabricates individual auto parts — original designs as well as magnesium replacements for  factory parts.

Finally, Galaxy Motion implements magnesium optimization strategies by focusing on  interconnected vehicle subsystems – for example body panels, the chassis body, front and rear bumpers,  seat frames. These coordinated magnesium systems maximize the strength and lightness of all their  constituent parts.  

Not all elements of a vehicle can currently be made from magnesium; there is an important role for  steel, aluminum and even carbon fiber. Galaxy Motion identifies the appropriate role for magnesium in  the total ecology of a vehicle’s performance, coordinated with other materials. 

Through its sister company Galaxy Finance, Galaxy Motion delivers financial engineering as well: long term, price-stabilized, guaranteed quality and quantity deliveries of magnesium products, direct from  the mines to global industrial customers.  

Magnesium optimization, first stage model — concept using current generation standard vehicle.

Galaxy Motion supports the formation of a non-profit open standards forum — the Flying Tigers  Institute — which shares the results of its research into magnesium applications, together with ground breaking work being done by many others around the world. 

Galaxy Motion is sparking the magnesium transformation of all elements of the transportation  industry, including from bicycles, scooter and motorcycles to passenger vehicles, race cars, vans, sport  utility, commercial trucks, bullet trains and freight cars. The design approaches and materials  specifications developed in one vehicle type often translate efficiently into benefits for other vehicle  types.  

Galaxy Motion is committed to the advancement of energy-efficient vehicles that are responsive to the  green power needs of the post-Covid-19 environment, both economically and environmentally.