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Magnesium: Power Potential.

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Galaxy Power

Galaxy Power, a subsidiary of Galaxy Magnesium, is focused on the use of magnesium components and materials in the production of energy. Galaxy proposes magnesium as a strong, lightweight alternative metal that can be introduced into Green Value Chains across the Energy Exploration and Production Marketplace.

Galaxy supports the design and creation of new alloys, coatings, and adhesives that position magnesium to complement and compete in durability, performance, and price with HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy Metals), Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and other Composites.

Innovation in the Energy Marketplace through the use of magnesium optimization and lightweighting can provide significant savings in operational costs, energy efficiencies, and bring many positive, green environmental advantages of magnesium to a wide range of established products, companies, and markets worldwide.

Galaxy Power offers Energy Market Innovations and Resources:

The GVH-MgOPT1000 (vertical tower gravity balance hydraulic assisted pumping unit) is currently operating at multiple sites and is adapted for viscous oil well production needs worldwide. It is a new energy-saving sucker rod pump design. This system incorporates high-quality hydraulic elements, multiple production accessories, an overall structure that is advanced, competitively priced, reliable, and easy to repair and maintain.

First-generation transverse oil pumps — the familiar bobbing horsehead design used in oilfields around the world for more than a century — are obsolete. Their mechanical design exerts wear and tear on the well bore equipment, pump arms, gears, fulcrum and supports, requiring expensive ongoing maintenance. Energy consumption is high in these lift systems.

The performance of this original design has been improved over time, but the basic physics of the transverse pump have rarely been questioned. Moreover, from the material design and performance perspective, Galaxy Power offers this re-designed alternative for the oilfield to demonstrate light weighting with magnesium alloy optimization.

The system includes a vertical hydraulic assisted pump, with fully-enclosed components in a compressed vertical geometry. This patented, proprietary design creates alternating pressure within the well that extracts liquids (oil and/or water) more efficiently, with less energy. The equipment can be serviced and replaced less frequently, leading to dramatic cost and energy savings.

download (PDF):

Galaxy Power Vertical Hydraulic Pump

Soluble Magnesium Bridge Plugs: Bridge Plugs are used in vertical and horizontal oil wells and are typically constructed of conventional steel, aluminum, and composites. Traditional permanent bridge plugs are difficult to extract and recycle; the process is time-consuming, delays productive work for crews, and requires expensive equipment. Galaxy Power offers a variety of bridge plug technologies featuring soluble magnesium that can be programmed to dissolve within a pre-set range of pressure, temperature and time parameters based on specific operating environments.

  • Artificial Lift System Well- Bore Components: Galaxy Power offers product development and system analysis to identify and produce lighter, thinner downhole innovations and designs for well-bore equipment using magnesium alloys. Up to 50% lighter than steel currently in use, magnesium allows for precise alloy designs that can be durable, thinner and perform with less friction. The tubes, barrels, liners and other components that are used in the well-bore can be optimized with lighter, magnesium-based designs placing less stress on the pump at the surface. This means the potential for a more efficient lift system, which breaks down less frequently and consumes less energy in operation.

Galaxy Power:
Energy Industry
Green Value Chain Resource

The Energy Production marketplace faces unique challenges worldwide. New magnesium alloys will contribute to safety, create efficiencies in operations, and address persistent challenges to the delivery of sustainable performance.

To work in the most difficult surface, subsea, and subterranean environments, Galaxy looks to form strategic partnerships and alliances where our science and materials will impact the bottom line, and provide environmental and social value to energy producers.

From cement, wind turbine blades, to offshore platforms and agriculture, more and more products and services are passing through global value chains to the customer that contain light weight magnesium. The goal of optimizing productivity at each level of the chain anywhere in the world is to impact natural resource use at different stages. It is through value chains that resources ultimately ‘start’, as they are transformed or used as inputs — like energy and water or magnesium — and ‘end’, back into the same natural environment through final safe disposal.

The aim of a green approach in value chains introducing the use of magnesium is to

a) ensure the sustainable use of magnesium as a natural resource and to increase the share of this renewable and recyclable resource across the entire value chain,

b) to maximize material and energy efficiency at each stage of the process, and

c) to reduce negative environmental impacts as outputs at all points of the chain.

The Green Value Chain is a systematic approach, integrating environmental support functions, environmental rules and regulations and market players in greening the value chain. The environment in broad terms — or environmental goods and services in a narrower perspective – is integrated into the value chain approach as the starting point of conception of products and services, and as the final recipient of end products, in addition to functioning as a recycler and a supplier of renewable resources.

the Green Metal of the Future


Galaxy Power: Industry Resource for Innovation

We begin by listening — this is the key to earning a leadership position in the industry, building a reputation for understanding the current challenges of the customer. Galaxy Power then creates intensively tested, fully-trusted technologies, with a comprehensive range of cost-effective materials, products, and services. We invest in research, prototyping, partnerships, and joint development — constantly keeping our eye on the horizon of innovation.

Energy professionals who bring challenges to Galaxy involving magnesium or new alloy concepts receive our immediate attention. As an international team, we assist customers worldwide with understanding the technical and business advantages of magnesium.

Our science, chemistry, nano-processing, metallurgy, and alloy product development resources allow us to produce solutions based directly on customer specifications. Additional capabilities include prototype creation, small-volume manufacturing and ultimately if needed large volume manufacturing. Galaxy Power brings magnesium to all segments of Energy Production.

We invite industry professionals and customers who seek information about the #Magnesium Revolution to contact us about your requirements.


Daniel Abens
President, Galaxy Power
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