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Galaxy Catalog

Magnesium, Precise Alloys and Pure Ingots; Commodity Products

What is Unique about the Galaxy Magnesium metal commodities system?

  • Direct from magnesium mines to customers; no middlemen
  • Galaxy Network of more than 30 producing mines, refiners and manufacturers
  • Pricing: the most responsive, competitive in the market
  • Costs, tariffs, transport, facilities updated daily
  • Magnesium trading and supply chain management directed by a 25-year veteran of global metals trading
  • Guaranteed on-time industrial-quantity supply, reserves of more than 20,000 MTonnes/month
  • Quick, reliable, secure, insured, high-quality delivery to global ports
  • Most comprehensive selection of common magnesium alloys, including functional specifications
  • Following Green Supply Chain principles throughout the Galaxy process
  • Pricing, extended contract terms designed to meet cashflow requirements

Download the full
Galaxy Magnesium Product Catalog
(PDF, 3.9 Mbytes)
Standard Magnesium Alloys and Pure Magnesium

1. Pure Magnesium Ingots

Full Details: from 99.8% pure to 99.9% pure

2. Standard Magnesium Alloys

All Ingots and Alloys Available for Immediate Delivery
from Galaxy Magnesium

Download the full
Galaxy Magnesium Product Catalog
(PDF, 3.9 Mbytes)
Standard Magnesium Alloys and Pure Magnesium

General Terms and Conditions

Guaranteed quality, quantity and price

• Choice of terms: FOB MCP or CIF to final destination, in USD or EUR

• Availability 30-45 days, including shipping by air, sea or rail depending on destination

• Direct from the mine to customer premises service available; including all costs and administration:

– customs, taxes, inspection, insured transport, local delivery, all international destinations

– guaranteed prices, letter of credit, currency exchange guarantee, extended terms
available for qualified customers

Forward Trade Agreement (Long-Term Contract) available, up to three years

• Some products may not be available in all terrritories

• Custom alloys and alloy design available, to optimize for special applications

The most competitive prices; the best total value in the market