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Magnesium: Sustainer of Life

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Galaxy Life

Magnesium is key to healthy nutrition for everyone. It is also a powerful tool in specialized medical  treatment. Fulfilling both nutritional and medical needs with high-quality, economical magnesium is  the mission of Galaxy Life. 

Moderate magnesium deficiency is common across all populations and demographics, worldwide.  Because magnesium is key to enzyme reactions that affect the absorption of nutrition, protein synthesis,  muscle and nerve function, blood glucose and blood pressure regulation and heart rhythm and an  immune system that is resistant to virus and bacterial infection, the symptoms of sustained magnesium  deficiency can range from uncomfortable to serious.

Symptoms of moderate magnesium deficiency may  include difficulty in sleeping, loss of appetite, sensitivity to loud noises and bright lights, numbness, nausea, abnormal heart rhythm, chronic weakness, colds and viral infections, and personality changes. 

Getting enough magnesium is easy for most people, given a balanced diet of green vegetables, nuts,  legumes, whole grains and berries, but sometimes these dietary options are not observed, or other  conditions like diabetes or alcoholism are present, and modest daily supplements are needed.

70% of the population has some degree of magnesium deficiency; that condition applies closely to most populations in the world. But not all magnesium supplements are  created equal; the correct ratio of magnesium and companion compounds ensures that the mineral is  fully bioavailable and can be absorbed thoroughly. 

Galaxy Life provides precise, high-quality magnesium supplements in various forms, to the nutritional  supplement industry.

Severe magnesium deficiency, which can develop without visible symptoms, may result in Sudden Cardiac Death. Even apparently young, healthy patients may succumb to this tragic condition. SCD is suspected unexpected heart attack, arrhythmia, ot other heart problem takes place; the patient may die within one hour.

Magnesium levels are strongly and negatively correlated with rates of SCD, even after adjusting for other risk factors. In a prospective study, those who were in the highest quartile of magnesium level had a nearly 40% reduced risk of SCD.

This condition can be treated with highly-concentrated magnesium administered intravenously. Galaxy Life makes the special compound required, combined with appropriate solution and presented in standard intravenous bags.

Because of the direct supply relationship that Galaxy Power has with primary manufacturers of magnesium, the cost of nutritional and pharmaceutical magnesium is significantly lower, and features full compliance with international standards for purity.

Fo more, see: Magnesium-Deficiency-Link-Sudden-Cardiac-Death

Because Galaxy has large reserves of pure, inspected magnesium, and can cut  through inefficient supply chains that add unnecessary cost, magnesium supplements from Galaxy are  among the most cost-effective in the world. 

Severe magnesium deficiency is another matter. Because of genetic, dietary or environmental factors,  severe magnesium deficiency, which exhibits little in behavioral symptoms, is sometimes not detected  until serious health conditions, including sudden cardiac arrest syndrome, occur. According to the U.S.  National Institutes of Health, sudden cardiac death (SCD) may be associated with as many as 30,000 deaths each year in the U.S. alone. More study is needed, taking into account population diversity and  lifestyle issues, but this finding could implicate 250,000 or more needless deaths per year, worldwide. 

To correct severe deficiency of magnesium, carefully-controlled intravenous administration is required,  using highly purified magnesium compounds in liquified form. Arming the medical community with sufficient supplies of high-quality magnesium, as well as the know-how to test for the deficiency and  administer magnesium correctly, it is possible that Galaxy Life may participate in preventing needless  death and suffering.  

Currently, cost may be a factor; an intravenous bag of pharmaceutical-grade liquid magnesium may cost  $300 or more. The same high-quality liquid magnesium is available from Galaxy Life at less than 1/4 of  this cost. 

Galaxy Life can provide pharmaceutical-grade magnesium at a significantly lower price to the medical  community, and make it more universally available. Galaxy Life is also dedicated to providing  consumer, patient and physician education, to identify, detect and treat severe magnesium deficiency,  including knowledge of correct dose and timing.