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Pure Magnesium Ingot

99%-Plus Certified Magnesium

Pure Industrial Magnesium Ingots
from Galaxy

Mg9995A:  99.95% pure

ISO8287, 2000 Mg9 9.95B

Mg9990:   99.90% pure

Mg9980:  99.80% pure

ISO8287, 2000 Mg99.80B

Mg99999: 99.999% pure

Mg999: 99.9% pure


Magnesium Ingot Weight:
7.5 kg  (16.5 pounds)

Ingot Packaging:
1250 kgs +/- 50 kgs
(approx. 2756 pounds)
on wooden pallet, iron stripping

Standard Ingot Dimensions:

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Wide format rolling plate

Package: one metric tonne per pallet
(approx 2204 pounds; 1.1 US ton)

Alloy Type : AZ31B, AZ80A, AZ91D
400 x 1200 x 1000 mm
cut to buyer’s requirement