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Interview at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Galaxy Magnesium, by ae2

October 1, 2020: Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Interview of Xiaofang Zhou North and Michael North, in the Pagoda high above the world-famous racetrack, just outside Indianapoplis, Indiana. Conducted by Jeff Olsen of Hiller Measurement in Austin, TX for the ae2 broadcast (“Artists, Engineers and Entrepreneurs”), distributed worldwide by Heartland.

The topic: How magnesium is changing the game, for competitive motorsports and for automotive industry as a whole, with its lightweighting strategy.

The occasion: The final event in the SRO 2020 season, and the competitive racing by Panoz Racing. Supported by Galaxy Motion.

Highlight: The magic magnesium trick — steel, aluminum and magnesium together — go to 14:00 in the video to see it —