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Information about Vertical Hydraulic Pump Unit

The Galaxy Vertical Hydraulic Pump Unit is adapted for viscous oil well production needs worldwide. It is a new energy-saving sucker rod pump design. This system incorporates high-quality hydraulic elements, multiple production accessories, an overall structure that is advanced, competitively priced, reliable, and easy to repair and maintain.

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“We are pleased to be working with Galaxy Power, as the exclusive representative of our Vertical Hydraulic Pump Unit products outside China.

Zhongke Henghua Equipment Technology Company has invested in our proprietary, patented system for many years, in order to make pumping in oilfields more efficient. This is more than an upgrade; it is a completely new dynamic geometry that makes the pump fundamentally more energy-efficient, reliable and durable, and changes the economics of production.

We look forward to working with Galaxy Power to educate, install, train and maintain the Vertical Hydraulic Pump Unit for our partners worldwide.”

Zhou Guofeng, President, Zhongke Henghua (Jiangsu) Equipment Technology

Our international marketing relationship with Professor Zhou Guofeng and the Zhongke company in Shenzhen creates a lightweighting gateway for the optimization, design and performance of Vertical Hydraulic (VHP) Lift Systems using magnesium alloy components.

Professor’s Zhou’s forward thinking in design, coupled with magnesium product development from Galaxy Power, targets energy savings from manufacturing, to shipping, installation and operations, for the many  facets of  the Artificial Lift Systems market.”

Daniel J. Abens CEO Galaxy Power

Energy efficiency through lightweighting in energy production.

Zhongke -Galaxy Vertical Hydraulic Pump

Detailed Product Information, Options, Specifications:
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